The anti-climb guard is a freely rotating, anti-scaling, anti-climb security fencing topping as security fences are designed in such a way that the aperture sizes are too small to be able to use them to gain a foothold.
This makes it almost impossible for a person to climb over. The WireWorks.
The anti-climb fence is a distinctive perimeter security product, that provides a guarded display of visual screening balancing the need to delay and deter an intruder. Ant climb guard is a freely rotating, anti-scaling, anti-climb security fencing topping,
WireWorks anti-climb integrates a mesh that suppresses cutting and climbing with a rail framework that can support a complete security platform.

What are the Benefits of Installing a DEFENDoor Clear View Fence?

Some benefits of anti-climb fences include:
• Longevity – the wire coated, resistance-welded and plastic-coated with maximum adhesion to guarantee an extra-long lifespan;
• Anti-climb fences are popular worldwide;
• Durability – Rigidity is excellent by virtue of welded mesh panels with rectangular apertures and horizontal reinforcements;
• Efficiency – precision-made components offer a quality system that can be installed with maximum efficiency;
• DEFENDoor Clear View Fences add value to your property;
• DEFENDoor Clear View Fences enhance the appearance of your premises;
• The insurance industry encourages the installation of anti-climb security fences;
• DEFENDoor Clear View Fences provide a powerful physical crime barrier;
• Versatile – defender Clear View Fences can be adapted to fit a wide variety of applications and can include innovative swing and sliding gates;
• Visibility – the panels have excellent visibility characteristics and from a distance appear almost invisible, offering unobstructed camera surveillance possibilities;
• Three levels of security fencing products available for entry-level installations up to high-security installations;
As an added benefit, the WireWorks anti-climb fencing uses the Impasse rail framework, providing this fence with the ability to run wiring and cabling for intrusion detection systems and monitoring equipment. This avoids the need for costly patchwork installations.
The welded wire used for WireWorks Anti-Climb is designed to provide a higher level of deterrence through its tightly fabricated design.
The cutting tools required to sever its welded heavy steel wire can’t fit into the tight spaces of the mesh. Kudos to highly fabrication management technology
Anti-Climb fences
It’s nearly impossible to get a grip or foothold on this fence. The WireWorks Anti-Climb mesh configuration is constructed to supply high levels of delay with a surface that discourages cutting and climbing.
Peripheral Integration.
Some powerful nations of the world such
As the USA had witnessed the dividend of their investment of high-security fences system that helps to curtail illegal immigrants. Who dares to play on the intelligent of the world power, somebody May ends in a wheelchair with a broken spinal cord as He may want to disobey the warning of the intelligent anti-climb guard.
An intruder may face the wrath of electrocution a gift from the anticlimb guard security system with satellite powerful mountingANTI CLIMB GUARD AND SECURITY FENCES 3ANTI CLIMB GUARD AND SECURITY FENCES 4 structures.CCTV Camera watching as a witness, as this is the reporting line back to the investors.
Anti-climb guard-products are.
Fences spikes and wall spikes.
Spikes collars for poles and pipe.
Rotating anti-climb guard.
Anti-climb security paint.
Anti-fox anti-cat strips.
Rotaspikes anti-climb barriers.

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